2 years ago
A Fly on the Wall

A few things heard in our house tonight:

"Daddy, you don’t have any hair on your hips!" - Trinity

"Quit licking my belly button." - Daddy

2 years ago 2 years ago
Things We Say

Today, Chris had to tell Trinity, “We don’t slurp Ranch dressing.”

…a few minutes later, Trinity tells us “but I don’t like this Ranch.”

2 years ago

The bead that cost us $30 (Taken with Instagram)

2 years ago
  • Trinity: Moma, I'm going to build you a BIG birthday!
  • Me: How are you going to do that?
  • Trinity: I'm going to build your birthday beside my birthday!
  • ...
  • Trinity: ... and it's going to have steps, and a jumpy thing, and swings, and...
  • Trinity: Happy Birthday Mommy! Mommy, I love you!
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